A lexicographic maximin approach to the selective assessment routing problem

  • Mohammadmehdi Hakimifar (Ko-Autor*in)
  • Fabien Tricoire (Ko-Autor*in)
  • Hemmelmayr, V. (Ko-Autor*in)

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Immediately after the onset of a disaster, the rapid needs assessment process is carried out to investigate the disaster's impact on the affected community groups through field visits. We construct routes for an assessment plan to cover community groups, each carrying a distinct characteristic, in a balanced way. In order to model balanced coverage, we investigate the lexicographic maximin approach. We define the leximin selective assessment problem, which considers the bi-objective optimization of total assessment time and coverage ratio balancing. We solve the problem by a heuristic approach based on the multi-directional local search framework.
Zeitraum13 Juli 2021
Ereignistitel31st European Conference on Operational Research (EURO 2021)
VeranstaltungstypKeine Angaben

Österreichische Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige (ÖFOS)

  • 101015 Operations Research