A multi-objective solution approach to assess the trade-off between packaging, food waste and environmental impact in grocery retailing

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Grocery retailing can either be a trigger or a diminisher of solutions towards reaching the supply-demand equilibrium for perishable products. The disbalance between supply and demand influences the generation of food waste. Within this context, various literature identifies that a trade-off between packaging, environmental emissions, and food waste exists. Such a trade-off is affected by operations beyond the retail shopfloor which can be typologized in product quality influencers e.g., temperature during distribution, managerial behavior, logistics operations, replenishment policies, and return logistics. In this manner, the work combines a multi-objective metaheuristic and a hybrid simulation model to optimize the relation of the trade-off alluded to. Based on the operational typology, different scenarios are variated in order to assess the sensitiveness in such a trade-off. This tool serves as a managerial decision supporter, especially for assessing novel packaging technologies that make it possible to obtain live information for the quantity and quality of the product being traced. Additionally, this work integrates the optimized trade-off outcome in the demand-supply equilibrating optimization procedure.
Zeitraum11 Juli 202114 Juli 2021
EreignistitelEURO - 31st European Conference on Operational Research
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