A Vision for Trading Personal Information with Privacy: Technical and Legal Measures

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Personal data is the information economy's most valuable asset. Despite data protection laws and an acknowledged right to privacy, trading personal information has become a business. The former EU commissioner Meglena Kunewa pinpointed that "personal data is the new oil of the Internet and the new currency of the digital world". Much personal data trading, though, is built on the shallow consent of customers who are marginally aware of what happens to their data at companies that do not feel accountable. Traded personal data is controlled by a few big market players who give customers little control over their own data and new market entrants little chance to innovate and compete. Technologists, economists and regulators are struggling to develop technical solutions and policies that meet businesses' demand for more data while still maintaining privacy. Yet, they lack a bigger vision for economic data use and privacy. The presentation will outline a vision for trading personal information with privacy. It will compose a mosaic of technical and regulatory measures including consent agents, a right to a privacy-friendly service, technical data accountability, and personal data vaults. Taken together, these measures give back customers control over their data and enables fair and privacy-friendly data trading.
Zeitraum30 Apr. 20151 Mai 2015
EreignistitelWorkshop on the Regulation of Big Data and Data Trading
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