Beyond Scenarios and Vignettes - A Multi-method Approach to Studying Responsible and Irresponsible Managerial Behavior

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Recent literature reviews of business ethics and ethical decision making show that scenarios and vignettes are still among the most commonly used methods in these fields (Kish-Gephart, Harrison & Trevino, 2010; O'Fallon & Butterfield, 2005). Except for their widespread use, several advantages justify applying scenarios and vignettes for data gathering. Particularly, the option to manipulate factors of interest while controlling for other variables (O'Fallon & Butterfield, 2005) or possible investigation of multidimensional issues are among commonly described advantages. However, given the conventional practice of applying scenarios and vignettes, it seems that the methodological downsides gain relatively little attention.
Zeitraum22 Sept. 201024 Sept. 2010
Ereignistitel4th International CSR-Conference Berlin
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