Beyond the Spoken Wor(l)d: Challenges of Traditional Qualitative Research Methods in Research Designs with People with Dementia

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


The presentation deals with non-spoken and non-written qualitative methods (e.g. photographs, etc.), which are used in research with people with dementia or with people with age-related cognitive impairments. Other research fields, e.g. research with people with learning difficulties (Buchner et al. , 2016), already have a longer tradition of integrating alternative research settings into research with special social groups (“Nothing about us without us”). The adaptation of research methods concerns both, the research design as well as the data collection and analysis methods. The presentation aims to pick up on selected debates and illustrate them by using empirical examples from my own (teaching) research. Specifically, (i) participatory designs (Miko et al., 2010; 2018; von Unger, 2014), (ii) alternative forms of interviews and participant observation (Lange, 2018), and (iii) the use of artefacts (e.g. photographs) (Breckner, 2012; Froschauer/ Lueger, 2017) will be discussed.
Zeitraum10 Sept. 201812 Sept. 2018
EreignistitelInternational Long Term Care Policy Network Conference
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