Blurring of the Lines between Quality and Questionable Research: A Wake-up Call for Green HRM and Other Fields of Research

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Our study aims to contribute to the debate on the quality of open access publishing by comparing research published in different outlets and examining the impact on quality research. With a systematic literature review, we analyse 25 years of Green HRM research (1995-2019) and refine our results with citation and plagiarism analyses. We chose Green HRM as an appropriate case, because research has grown rapidly in the last decade, similar to the development of open access publishing in general. We first give an overview of the Green HRM literature in terms of its development over time, the regional distribution of publications and research methods. By looking closer at the journals where Green HRM research is published, we present characteristics of two broad categories of research qualities. Counter to our expectations, we do not only show how papers published in quality journals are incorporated into papers published in questionable (so-called “predatory”) outlets, but also the other way round. Through citations, questionable research contributes to the success of quality publications. Yet, we also reveal the opposite case, since authors publishing in quality journals help disseminating papers from predatory journals by using their questionable papers as references. We close our study by giving practical implications to different stakeholders and a general plea for more awareness and responsibility.
Zeitraum17 März 202020 März 2020
Ereignistitel82. Jahrestagung des VHB
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