Creating a Forgetting Internet:How to Leverage Temporal Contextual Integrity for Enabling a New Start on the Web

Aktivität: VortragVortrag auf sonstiger Veranstaltung (Science-to-Professionals/Public)


The boundless long-term retention of information about people's lives on the world wide web jeopardizes their reputation and deprives them of a fresh start. Mr. Costeja González' reputation, for example, was damaged by twelve year-old newspaper articles on Google attesting him a poor creditworthiness (ECJ C-131/12). His case triggered a public discussion about creating a "forgetting Internet" and counteracting the "age of everlasting personal data retention." The presented research indicates that the time dimension is hardly visible on the web which is endangering people's online reputation. Drawing on Nissenbaum's theory of privacy as contextual integrity, safeguarding the "temporal contextual integrity" of personal information online is proposed as a remedy. Ways to design temporal contextual integrity into web user interfaces for making the aspect of time better visible in online biographies are presented. Using these interfaces in an experimental study about online labor markets reveals that employers are more likely to ignore job seekers' obsolete reputation and to hire them eventually.
Zeitraum10 Jan. 2017
EreignistitelWU Privacy and Sustainability Computing Lab
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Österreichische Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige (ÖFOS)

  • 102013 Human-Computer Interaction