Cybercrime - The Virtual Pandemic in the New Normal

Aktivität: VortragVortrag auf sonstiger Veranstaltung (Science-to-Professionals/Public)


In Austria, about 30.000 cybercrime-related criminal cases are filed with the police every year. Online fraud, money laundering and extortion are growing in the cyberspace at large pace. The darknet offers hidden marketplaces for the sale of cyberattack services and stolen data. An increased push into cyberspace during the CoViD crisis has exacerbated negative effects of cybercrime on the resilient functioning of societies. Organized cybercrime committed from outside the European Union makes law enforcement and international cooperation a challenge. The lecture elucidates the psychology of cybercrime, economic motivators for organized cybercrime and effective countermeasures on individual, organizational and societal level. Current cases of cybercrime in the home office, crime-as-a-service and cryptocurrency-related manipulation will be discussed.
Zeitraum15 März 2021
EreignistitelLectures for Future
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