dbusoorexx - Bringing the Power of D-Bus to Your Fingertips

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Most Linux systems have the powerful D-Bus (a message bus) on board that allows the kernel and applications to communicate with each other. Knowing about its existence and what D-Bus can be used for will allow anyone to take advantage of it. This presentation will introduce the D-Bus concepts and using the "dubsoorexx" package will take advantage of them. A number of small nutshell examples will demonstrate the communication over the D-Bus and remote-controlling, scripting applications. Using ooRexx (an easy programming language that looks almost like pseudo-code) and the "dbusoorexx" package it becomes plain easy to understand and exploit the D-Bus message bus, including nutshell examples that show how easy it becomes to create D-Bus services, create private D-Bus client-/server applications that can be even exploited easily in a cross-platform manner (Linux, MacOSX and Windows)!
Zeitraum4 Okt. 20157 Okt. 2015
EreignistitelLinux Con Europe 2015
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