Declarative Specification of Processes: Discovery and Reasoning

  • Claudio Di Ciccio (Redner*in)

Aktivität: VortragVortrag auf sonstiger Veranstaltung (Science-to-Professionals/Public)


A process describes the temporal evolution of a system. Capturing the rules that govern its control flow helps to understand the boundaries of its behaviour. The declarative specification of processes is based on the representation of those boundaries by means of constraints rooted in temporal logics. The execution dynamics can vary as long as they do not violate such constraints, which specify the conditions that require or forbid the execution of actions.
This talk revolves around the recent advancements in research concerning the discovery of, and reasoning on, the declarative specifications of processes. The discourse will include a focus on how to automatically extract the constraints from process data, and how to losslessly minimise the size of discovered constraint sets. The conclusion will illustrate open challenges and future research avenues in the field.
Zeitraum12 Apr. 2019
EreignistitelInvited talks at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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