Do CSOs Cluster with Businesses and Public Organizations? Analyzing Agglomeration Effects as a Location Factor for CSOs

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Location matters for civil society organizations (CSOs) just as much as it does for other organizations. Yet, comparatively little is known about which factors favor their occurrence in a particular location. Studies have found that CSOs tend to locate where they are needed, but the availability of local resources – such as human resources or social capital – tends to be even more important. However, the results are ambivalent and vary from one location to another. Moreover, research on the role of clustering effects with other types of organizations is scarce. This paper aims at addressing this research gap by analyzing the effects of the density of businesses and public organizations on the prevalence of CSOs at the neighborhood level. I hypothesize that CSOs seek economies of agglomeration and therefore tend to locate in areas with a high density of those organizations. I examine this issue by using small-scale geographic data of the full population of Viennese CSOs, of businesses and public organizations. I thereby aim to contribute to a more detailed understanding of spatial patterns of urban civil society organizations.
Zeitraum2 Juli 20203 Juli 2020
EreignistitelEGOS Conference
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