Does port competitiveness effect port users’ competitiveness? Evidence from a major gateway port

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This study investigates the association between port competitiveness and port users’ competitiveness through a case study of the Chittagong Port of Bangladesh. Existing maritime literature is focused on the ports of Europe, East Asia and the United States; but many secondary ports of the mainline maritime network which play a crucial role for their countries are overlooked. Chittagong Port is such a port having an enormous impact on the economy of Bangladesh. In this study, the competitiveness of the port from its users’ perspective is assessed based on the key port competitiveness factors: port connectivity, physical infrastructure, efficiency, logistics performance, port charges, policy and regulations and green port practices. Following that, we investigate the impact of these port competitiveness factors on their users’ competitiveness.
Data is collected through a 7 point Likert scale questionnaire distributed through e-mails to the carriers, shippers and freight forwarders in Bangladesh. The questionnaire includes 39 items in total— among which 29 were used to form five constructs representing port competitiveness, three to form value- added service construct and the remaining seven to form the port users’ competitiveness construct. Then we used hierarchical moderated regression to examine the association between port competitiveness factors and users’ competitive advantage. The results of the port competitiveness evaluation reveal that port users are most satisfied with the connectivity of Chittagong Port, but green port management practices require the most attention for improvement. The findings of moderated hierarchical regression suggest that port connectivity and green port management have a positive effect on the port users’ competitiveness. Furthermore, we find evidence that value-added activity positively moderates the effect of service quality on port users’ competitiveness.
Zeitraum12 Juni 2018
Ereignistitel1st Workshop on Value and Competitiveness in Logistics (VCL) 2018
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