European perspectives on career success: Empirical Investigations in different settings

  • Chudzikowski, K. (Ko-Autor*in)
  • Hugh Gunz (Ko-Autor*in)
  • Marijke Verbruggen (Ko-Autor*in)

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


In this symposium, we examine career success issues from a European perspective. We will explore whether the typically North-American views on and conceptualizations of career success are applicable to European contexts. The research on career success so far has been largely dominated by the North-American view on the topic. Some notable exceptions notwithstanding, non-American research has mainly built on earlier American studies and theories without questioning or even reflecting on the generalizability of these insights to other contexts. In particular, the symposium focuses on career success issues related to the new career literature. This literature, which has been developed in the past two decades in response to changes in the North-American labor market, considers careers to be turbulent paths that unfold across multiple organizational, occupational and/or cultural settings (Arthur & Rousseau, 1996). Boundaryless careers are implicitly assumed to be the way for the future (Gunz et al., 2000). Hence, the realization of career success is strongly linked to being boundaryless. In that way, the literature ignores the conditional factors affecting career success. Therefore, we offer a contextualized, European perspective on career success. The studies are based on data from five European countries: Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the UK. Moreover, we focus on individuals in specific contexts and positions, i.e. IT professionals, internationally mobile employees and business alumni in career transitions. By focusing on specific groups of employees, we may further shed light on the context-specificity of career success conceptualizations (Heslin, 2005).
Zeitraum6 Aug. 201010 Aug. 2010
EreignistitelAcademy of Management
VeranstaltungstypKeine Angaben