Examining real-world challenges of blockchain technology in logistics and supply chain management: The role of organisational theories

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Although the interest in blockchain technology for logistics and supply chain management (SCM) has been growing steadily in the recent years, the majority of the literature highlights blockchain applications which could potentially revolutionise business and organisations in various forms. In contrast, there is only limited research about real-world challenges of the blockchain technology in the context of SCM, in particular from an academic perspective. Further, organisational theories in the field of logistics and SCM, while existing, are rather underdevelop, thereby providing an opportunity to address both the objectives of understanding where the field currently stands and identifying theories to examine challenges in blockchain technology in the context of SCM. In this paper, we discuss current blockchain challenges regarding early adoption risk, immature technology, the problem of different non-operative systems, potential blockchain fragmentation as well as regulatory and governance uncertainty, and link them to organisation theories which can be used for examination.
Zeitraum26 Juni 201928 Juni 2019
EreignistitelEURAM 2019 Annual Conference
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Österreichische Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige (ÖFOS)

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