EXIM Bank, Firms, and Congress

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The U.S. Export-Import Bank was created to support U.S. companies abroad. To achieve this goal, it provides loans to foreign governments under the condition that these resources must be spent on American goods and services. This gives rise to three interrelated considerations. First, as a lending institution of the U.S. Government, Congress must re-approve the Export-Import Bank at regular intervals, on average every four years. Second, the EXIM bank must decide which U.S. firms should receive loans and guarantees to support their business abroad. Third, U.S. companies and their executives are frequent donors to Members of Congress. I examine whether U.S. companies that received support from the U.S. EXIM bank provide campaign contributions to Members of Congress, who are in turn vote for reauthorization. I test for this possibility using an original dataset on the connections between U.S. firms with members of congress.
Zeitraum30 Sept. 20213 Okt. 2021
EreignistitelAnnual Meeting of the American Political Science Association
OrtSeattle, USA/Vereinigte Staaten, WashingtonAuf Karte anzeigen

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