Exploring the Financial Side of Supply Chain Management

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Supply chain management designs, plans, executes and controls goods, information and financial flows across all participants involved to end in a specific product or service for final customers. Whereas in the past decades research mainly focused on management of flows of goods and information in the supply chain context, the management of financial flows along a supply chain has been somehow neglected by academia until recently with the introduction of concepts under the labels of "financial supply chain" (FSC) and/or "supply chain finance" (SCF).
A structured review of relevant peer-reviewed journals as well as monographs documenting research on doctoral/PhD/habilitation level around these two terms has resulted in three topical observations so far: (1) until today there is no standard definition of FSC / SCF available, (2) FSC / SCF concepts have been mostly related with working capital optimization (and not other supply chain value drivers as also defined in economic value added or shareholder value analysis models), and 3) the relationship between FSC / SCF concepts and company success in terms of financial performance is rather fuzzy.
Assuming that company success depends on its ability to create value in a sustainable manner, economic value added or shareholder value analysis models should be adjusted accordingly to quantify the real contribution of FSC / SCF to company success. Furthermore, an approach that disentangles financial effects of SCM operations from those stemming from product/service innovations and/or sales/marketing excellence is demanding. Once relevant FSC / SCF value drivers have been properly identified, a dynamic framework to rule their timely and effective application in a supply chain can to be developed.
Zeitraum23 Apr. 201524 Apr. 2015
EreignistitelCSCMP Europe 2015 European Research Seminar
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