How to design a user-oriented marketing dictionary for students of business

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The starting point of the project is a glossary of French marketing terminology. It is the result of a diachronic corpus-based investigation focusing on the development of French marketing terminology from the beginning of the discipline in France until now (Hänchen 2002, Göke 2009). The glossary including more than 600 marketing terms and collocations as well as their English and German translations represents a valuable outcome of this carefully executed linguistic study. It reflects quite well the current use of French marketing terminology and should therefore be made available to a larger public such as, for example, students of Business French or marketers. In this contribution, I will present some of my reflections about how the glossary could be re-designed to benefit, as a first step, students of our university. More specifically, the project aims at creating an online dictionary for the WU e-learning platform (learn@wu) including constructive information about the use of central marketing terms (e.g., synonyms, variants, collocations, first occurrence in French marketing language, semantic change, proposals of French terminology committees, examples).
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