How to Kick the Paper Habit: Status of Innovative Document Handling in the Transport Sector

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Purpose of this paper
The aim of this paper is to explore the current status of implementation of innovative procedures for transport document handling that involves high levels of digitalization.
An online survey was conducted with dispatchers and managing directors of companies from Austria engaged in international road haulage, maritime transport and air cargo.
Based on 67 fully completed online questionnaires, we can conclude that a hybrid form of both hardcopy and digital ways to organize transport documentation is still predominant. However, the majority of respondents indicate clear benefits in fully digital procedures to improve inter-organizational communication as well as to reduce time and costs spend. High investment costs and time expenditure as well as missing technical abilities of business partners or authorities were stated as the strongest barriers.
Practical implications (if applicable)
Our findings clearly show that there is a need for improvement as current paper-based document procedures waste important capacities and efficiency could be raised. However, it is important to take a holistic and inter-organizational implementation approach so that all actors involved in a transport process will benefit. Furthermore, it is crucial to establish a sound legal basis that allows efficient paperless transport document handling. Moreover, implementation of international standards which foster trust among companies is essential to get a wide-spread adoption on the long run.
This work is both exploratory and explanatory in its nature, as there is only little research evidence about innovative procedures in document handling in the transport sector so far.
Zeitraum3 Juni 20135 Juni 2013
EreignistitelNOFOMA 2013 – 25th Annual Conference for Nordic Researchers in Logistics
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