Implementing Rexx handlers in NetRexx/Java/Rexx

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Very early on Rexx interpreters have introduced the ability for system programmers to handle commands that were addressed to hosting programs, like editors. The Rexx ADDRESS keyword function allows Rexx programmers to send commands arbitrarily to any of the available command handlers. With the upcoming version of BSF4ooRexx 4.1 it becomes possible to implement such "(sub)command handlers" in Java/NetRexx with very little effort. This opens up the opportunity to take advantage of this Rexx feature for Java/NetRexx applications that have interfaces that allow users to enter commands, as such commands could easily be supplied by Rexx programmers, if the application supports Rexx.

In addition this presentation will introduce also the new ability of implementing Rexx exit handlers in Java or NetRexx and will demonstrate these abilities as well with short nutshell examples.
Zeitraum14 Mai 201216 Mai 2012
EreignistitelThe 2012 International Rexx Symposium
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