Individualiziation as Key Factor for Energy Sustainability

  • Axel Sonntag (Redner*in)

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Most industrialized countries put great effort into designing and implementing policies these days that help to reduce CO2 emissions. Facing the global threats due to climate change and the uncertainty regarding the supply of fossil fuels, governments are advised to even increase their ambition in achieving the related policy goals. In order to develop precise instruments, the knowledge of how the energy demand of an economy reacts to political interventions is one of the most crucial questions. To derive concrete policy measures linked to the overall energy goals it is important to focus on some segments of the problem in detail. Because of the big share of the Austrian energy consumption in the private sector and the great reduction potential, this dissertation project is going to deal with the energy use in the household sector. Implementing future oriented sustainable energy policies does not only imply subsidizing technological innovations or forbidding the use of outdated devices. It is necessary to think about the overall energy consumption patterns. Additionally the question of concrete determinants which are relevant for the decision of different consumption levels needs to be discussed. As the total amount of energy consumption of an economy consists of the sum of the consumption levels of its individuals, effective energy policies should focus on energy relevant decisions of individuals, instead of aiming at abstract macroeconomic consumption figures. Therefore it seems most promising to investigate energy consumption behaviour at an individual level to reveal empirical evidence for the underlying utility structure of individuals for the energy demand of the Austrian household sector. Which are the most important determinants of energy relevant decisions in daily life?
Zeitraum5 Juni 20088 Juni 2008
EreignistitelMy PhD 2008: International Forum of Social Science PhD Students
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