Itleness is a fatal strategy - Towards a Baudrillardian Organization Studies

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One of the many areas in which Baudrillard is critically under-used and under-mentioned is management- and organization theory. Baudrillard appears to be incompatible with bourgeois and critical management theory because for Baudrillard “there is no labor” (The Mirror of Production, 104), which is a tough position to take for someone who is concerned with the organization of labor. This argument could, however, also be a starting point for a new, Baudrillardian organization theory. If there is no labor then labor has to be constructed by and through management. This opens up a new perspective on Taylorist and Fordist management but also on post-Fordist management which seeks to integrate the worker in his entirety in its operation, with all his “habits, relationships, unconscious drives (…)”. (Symbolic Exchange and Death, 14) Baudrillards theory of labor at points seems to anticipate the critique of the post-Fordist condition articulated by contemporary Italian theorists. If we reconsider Baudrillard in this ongoing discourse he could lead us to a conceptualization of idleness as a symbolic challenge to this new regime of accumulation: “Idleness is a fatal strategy (…)” (Cool Memories II, 7)
Zeitraum5 Sept. 20187 Sept. 2018
Ereignistitel2nd international multidisciplinary conference on Baudrillard studies: Applied Baudrillard
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