Just do good things and talk about? The state of sustainability reporting by liner shipping operators

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Purpose: Until recently, most liner shipping operators were not too transparent about their performance in terms of the
triple bottom line (i.e. social-environmental-economic dimensions). However, constant pressure by stakeholders
and joint work in the context of the Clean Cargo Working Group (CCWG) seem to change their habits. By 2018,
almost all top liner shipping operators delivered as least some sort of sustainability reporting to the public. While
employing qualitative data analysis software to conduct a thematic content analysis, the aim of the paper is to examine
systematically structural patterns and recurrent themes in their communication along the triple bottom line in the
maritime shipping domain supplemented by a stakeholder perspective in line with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)
and/or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) guidelines.
Research Approach: Sustainability reporting activities by top 50 liner shipping operators in form of sustainability reports or environmental/
social responsibility reports are inspected by means of thematic content analysis in order to reveal core themes and
work out structural patterns.
Findings and Originality: Between 2016 and 2018, 57 publications of sustainability reporting from 22 liner shipping operators were identified
with diverse contexts of reporting practice impacting depth and breadth of content dealing with social, environmental
and economic performance subject for further analysis and discussion.
Research Impact: The assessment of sustainability reporting of liner shipping operators gives in sights in their reporting practice and
core themes dealing with.
Practical Impact: Spread of best practices and a development of common guidelines should enhance the quality of future sustainability
reporting in liner shipping.
Zeitraum1 Sept. 202011 Sept. 2020
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