Location Based Sales Control: Integrating Customer Relationship Management Systems and Mobile Geospatial Technologies

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


This paper is focused on mobile customer relationship management [mCRM]. The objective is to design a location based sales control system by making use of mobile geospatial and customer relationship management systems technologies. In the context of modern corporate strategies mCRM systems provide a suitable framework to optimize and sustain customer relations in the long-run. Special emphasis is laid on mobile management of field staff that is the basis for introducing new customers and achieving a higher customer loyalty. mCRM systems are able to establish interactive connectivity between field staff and the head office. Furthermore, field staff is provided with relevant information on the customers by special mobile devices. Key issues in this context are, for instance, the localization of the next customer as well as the calculation of the fastest route. The exact location of potential new customers on the route may also be conveyed to the field staff which enables the optimization of field staff management. The results of this study show clearly that – in an increasingly complex and uncertain world – new mCRM systems provide appropriate tools to optimize operations and to improve the well-being of customers.
Zeitraum25 Okt. 200827 Okt. 2008
EreignistitelJSRSAI 2008: 45th Meeting of the Japan Section of the Regional Science Association
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