Mobile Working in a Higher Education Context - Opportunities and risks for diversity

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Scientific academic study on the implementation of mobile working among administrative staff:
The university, with more than 800 administrative staff, has been working on the challenges of diversity and digitalization with the aim of achieving inclusion through mobile work. The university presents itself as an attractive international employer for professionals in several positions and fields, as well as for young professionals who expect flexible working conditions. At the same time, the university wants to attract professionals with caring duties, with disabilities, or people in qualification training. The organizational policy has been accompanied by ongoing scientific research on culture change. The research includes topics such as leadership, dynamic group processes in virtual teams, and intersectional processes between gender and diversity categories, where new forms of inequity appear. On a personal level, career development, managing stress, accountability, and duties also appear. The aim of the study is not so much to expand knowledge as to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of existing models, and to examine possible measures and adaptions in the university’s policy.
Zeitraum5 Okt. 2021
EreignistitelGlobal Forum on Democratizing Work
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