Open government data in urban management and development

Aktivität: VortragVortrag auf sonstiger Veranstaltung (Science-to-Professionals/Public)


In the knowledge society information has become a key resource for economic activities. Contrary to other resources, information can be used in a non-rival fashion giving it partly the character of a public good. In recent years, this economic factor has led to the development of various forms of "open" or 2"free" provision of informational resources, which transforms the way how various groups in society apply information and data.

This session will discuss various forms of this "open" or "free" movement, present some concrete examples, look at some of its implications, and investigate to what extent this form of information provision is compatible with or can support the aim of sustainability.
Zeitraum17 Nov. 2014
EreignistitelWU Competence Day
VeranstaltungstypKeine Angaben