Optimizing the speed of screening in an EPQ model with nonlinear defect detection rate

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


A manufacturing process with two stages of quality control is being considered. The screening during the initial production process is of high priority at the company since the proportion of defections before this stage is rather high, and the following production steps are expensive. Based on these facts, all the items are checked at both stages.
Due to the complexity of the product, the speed of the screening during initial production might be adjusted and the defect detection rate depends on the speed of the screening in a nonlinear way. Even though, the speed-dependent screening cost function is linear. Final screening is assumed to be perfectly reliable, and its speed is given by standard.
Processing and screening costs are assumed to arise at both stages in addition to the setup and inventory costs. A mathematical model is developed and analyzed to find the optimal production parameters jointly with the optimal speed of screening during production, i.e. the optimal capacities at the first stage of quality control. Sensitivity analysis as well as numerical examples are added for better illustration.
Zeitraum23 Juni 201926 Juni 2019
Ereignistitel30th European Conference on Operational Research
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