Panelist at Symposium: Addressing Grand Challenges in Organization Theory-System Change Through Theory, Engagement & Action

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


The Covid-19 pandemic warrants increased scholarly attention to grand challenges, such as inequality, poverty, climate change, ecological imbalances, socioeconomic and political crises along with their extended impacts (Davis, 2020; Ferraro, Etzio, & Gehman, 2015; George et al., 2016; Munir, 2020; Pio & Waddock, 2020). Whereas mainstream organizational theorizing brings those challenges in as part of our empirical contexts, or in our managerial implications, this symposium will discuss how we can address head-on the importance of grand challenges, make them a core aspect of our research, and accordingly develop theoretical and empirical approaches that may be seen as a ‘grand challenges turn’ in our field. Some recent examples include work on the patriarchy of microfinance (Zhao & Wry, 2016) and providing toilets in Indian villages (Mair, Wolf, & Seelos, 2016). Nevertheless, even scholars working on grand challenges tend to focus on a particular problemand may lose sight of the broader systemic challenges of these issues (Munir, 2019).
Zeitraum31 Juli 2021
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