Project Initiation & Sustainable Development Principles

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


The consideration of SD principles in the investment analysis of a project is the basis for a holistic and sustainable investment. The decision regarding the realization an investment is one important decision in the project initiation process and sets the ground for the consideration of SD principles in the project. For relating SD principles to the project initiation process a process-related SD definition is used, which includes the following principles: environmental, social and ecologic-oriented; short, mid and long term-oriented; local, regional and global-oriented, as well as values-based. In the project initiation process the investment decision is taken and analyzing the investment is one main task of this process. Traditional investment analysis methods e.g. the cost benefit analysis focus only on economic principles and therefore the investment decision is based on very limited aspects. The integration of SD principles in the investment analysis ensures a broader view of the investment and is the basis for a better and more holistic investment decision. A sustainable investment analysis focuses not only on economic aspects but also allows different perspectives of stakeholder. The explicit consideration of e.g. sustainable investment objectives leads to the consideration of SD principles when performing the project that initiates the investment. This paper discusses first results of a PhD thesis focusing on the integration of SD principles into the project initiation process especially into the investment analysis. The paper reflects also first results of a demonstration case study in which the integration of SD principles into the investment analysis is demonstrated. The case study was conducted with an Austrian IT company and the case focus on the initiation of a process automatization project.
Zeitraum29 Okt. 201231 Okt. 2012
EreignistitelIPMA World Congress
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