Role of awareness to prevent personal disasters: Reducing the risks of falling for phishing by strengthening user awareness

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Phishing still represents a main security threat in the digital world. Attackers primarily by means of
email try to gain access to user’s sensitive personal credentials. By using these credentials, attackers
cause disasters on the individual level by inflicting, for example, severe economic losses or reputational
damage due to identity theft. Awareness is one important factor to increase resilience. This paper based
on recent literature first gives a general overview on social engineering as mean for phishing and then
evaluates how awareness as preventive measure is considered effective in the selected literature.
Information on phishing is one measure to raise awareness, others are trainings and phishing test
campaigns to evaluate risk exposure and increase awareness. With regards on information sharing a
case study, focusing on portals and homepages of selected Austrian financial institutions was
conducted. In this case, study we emphasis on content and eventual differences in the presentation of
information concerning prevention and mitigation.
Keywords: disaster prevention and mitigation, social engineering, phishing, risk awareness, security
Zeitraum10 Nov. 202112 Nov. 2021
EreignistitelDisaster Management 2021 - Seventh International Conference on Disaster Management and Human Health Risk: Reducing Risk, Improving Outcomes
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