Seminar „Subjects of violence“

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


This event invites a critical reflection on violence as a central provocation within the 21st century experience: How are recent breaches of democracy, peace and human rights forcing and encouraging new attitudes toward violence and resistance? Interrogating the role of violence in subjectivation and human rights, this discussion confronts the complexity of active and passive moments in violence and suffering. For those on its receiving end, violence has an enduring and altering effect on the sense of self and on interpersonal as well as societal relations. Excessive violence does not remain on the individual level, but reconfigures social relations through contentious meaning struggles over trauma and other practices of resistance. How are majoritarian and minoritarian experiences and orders of violence publicly represented? How can particular orders and experiences of violence be integrated into rights-based defenses against brutality? How does being subjected to violence tie into becoming an active subject of violence-as- resistance? How are human rights anchored in the subject as an ability to resist and to counter violence?
EreignistitelSeminar „Subjects of violence“ : Netzwerk Subjektivierungsforschung
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