Social Capital and
Sustainable Development of SMEs

  • Reinhard Paulesich (Redner*in)

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The test of the hypotheses: connectivity between sustainability and orders / profits - comes to the following results: (1) In group 2 (n73), but especially for companies of group 1 (6cases), there is a positive correlation between sustainability and the profit situation of the company. This can be shown with the positive assessment for both, financial figures and soft facts and with the positive assessment of the social capital, which probably consists of a balance between bonding and bridging. (2) The positive correlation between social aspects in the business concept and the order situation of the company could not be proven. That is the opposite to assumed relationship effects (slide before). Even when group 1 can bind their customers more strongly to the company, it does not have an influence on the terms of ordering.
Zeitraum11 Okt. 2010
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