Sovereign-Bond Backed Securities as a New Safe Asset for the Eurozone: A Dynamic Credit Risk Perspective

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The creation of a market in so-called European Safe Bonds (ESBies) is a highly debated proposal to improve the European monetary system. From a credit risk perspective, ESBies form the senior tranche of a CDO backed by a diversified portfolio of sovereign bonds from all members of the euro area. We propose a novel credit risk model for the hazard rates of the obligors to analyze price dynamics and assess the market risk associated to such products. Our model captures salient features of the credit spread dynamics of euro area member states and is at the same time fairly tractable. We consider a reduced-form model with conditionally independent default times; the default intensities of the different obligors are modelled by CIR-type jump processes whose mean-reversion levels and jump intensities are functions of a common Markov process X. Two special cases, one where X is a finite Markov chain and another one where X is an affine process, give rise to semi-explicit (explicit up to the solution of ODE systems) pricing formulae. This in turn allows computationally tractable calibration of the underlying hazard rates via single-name credit products. The pricing of credit portfolio products is done by Fourier inversion methods. Additionally, we provide hedging results for the junior tranche of the underlying bond portfolio.
Zeitraum4 Juni 20197 Juni 2019
EreignistitelSIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics & Engineering
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Österreichische Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige (ÖFOS)

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