Teaching Sustainable Supply Chain Concepts in a Master of Science Program

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Students in the Master of Science Program "Supply Chain Management" at WU Vienna University of Economics and Business can choose among several elective courses in their second year of studies. One of these electives is dedicated to the topic of sustainable supply chains, on which we want to share our experience. During this course, the students will deal with (almost) all stages of a supply chain and some of their associated sustainability aspects. The content of the different sessions is based on the lecturers’ current or past research. A kind of "inverted classroom" teaching concept is used where the students have to read and summarize academic articles beforehand, so that during the sessions in-depth discussions are facilitated. We start with an introductory session on general concepts of sustainability since most of the students are confronted with this topic for the first time. Afterwards, each session is dedicated to a certain sustainability topic, in particular sustainable sourcing, network design, transportation planning and sustainability reporting. Wherever possible we emphasize the importance of integrating sustainability aspects into decision models and also implement some environmentally-extended models in class. Finally, the students independently prepare presentations on special topics of sustainable supply chains and thus gain the ability to argue, discuss and defend their work in front of others.
Zeitraum3 Juli 20166 Juli 2016
EreignistitelEURO 28th European Conference on Operational Research
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