The Democracy Case for Diversity

  • Alexander Fleischmann (Redner*in)

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


Rooted in a ‘critique of the critique’ that Critical Management Studies should emerge into a project of ‘practical social critique’, I aim at identifying organizational practices that connect micro and macro forms of emancipation. In my research I want to work towards bridging this gap by combining conceptualizations of Alternative Organizations – focusing on autonomy, equality / equity, participation and democracy, solidarity and connection as well as practices in accordance with the respective values – with critical perspectives on Diversity. While Alternative Organizations seek to overcome (power) inequalities and hierarchies, much of the research has until now no adequate understanding of the organizational subject coined by various axes of difference, e. g. gender, ethnicity, ‘race’, sexual orientation, age or even class. I want to look at the intersection between anti-discriminatory struggles and endeavors to establish alternative forms of organizing in order to identify practices that connect micro- and macro-emancipation. Using a Rancièrian conceptualization of equality, I wish to emphasize that emancipation can be reached by the very assertion of equality in situations that are generally deemed as unequal. Accordingly, this focus on dissensus works for Rancière as an interruption of the present and might, accordingly, enable a restructuring of the sensible. Using a participatory research method, my aim is to identify practices in actu as well as relating to Rancière’s questioning of the position of the researcher. Indeed, I agree with his assertion that what ‘the oppressed’ need is not an explanation and voicing of their situation by intellectuals, as marginalization is experienced quite well in everyday life. For Rancière, the challenge is rather to come up with visions of how to live a life beyond exploitation.
Zeitraum8 Juni 201610 Juni 2016
EreignistitelInternational Doctoral Consortium on Management and Organizational Studies
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