The Global Mindset Inventory of Internationally Experienced Managers

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


We qualitatively assess executives cross-cultural corporate and socio-biographical backgrounds in terms of previously acquired and current international experiences and investigate whether these experiences may lead to the development of global mindset. Furthermore, the individuals international experiences are assessed in terms of their depth, i.e. duration, and their breadth, i.e. diversity of cross-cultural experiences. According to this, the interviewees are assigned to quadrants, dependent on the achieved depth versus breadth combination. In a further step, we investigate the connection between the individuals combinations of cross-cultural experiences and the development of global mindset patterns, which is largely underpinned by the qualitative empirics. However, some anomalies remain, which the authors believe to be explicable by the interaction of the intensity of foreign cultural exposure, which is conceptualized to comprise five domains: source, impetus, period of life, recollection and focus of cross-cultural exposure.
Zeitraum1 Dez. 20153 Dez. 2015
EreignistitelEIBA 2015
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