Towards a reliable population prognosis for Bratislava. Exploration of possibilities.

  • Slavomir Ondos (Redner*in)

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Future urban population is a crucial element of urban growth simulation, desaggregated geosimulation tools rather space-centered, as well. Simple tests of population development records available in the case of Bratislava area indicate an accordance with two major urban growth concepts still referenced directly or indirectly in literature, urbanization stages and differential urbanization. The level of accordance is surprising despite of specific history, heavily influenced by changing geopolitical and geo-economic spheres of interests throughout the 20th Century, based deep in the past. The proposed presentation and discussion will focus on exploration of possibilities open or open potentially for improvements in existing insights on future development in the area. Some preliminary results will also be presented, based on experiments with multiregional internal migration tools.
Zeitraum18 Juni 2008
EreignistitelVID Colloquium
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Österreichische Systematik der Wissenschaftszweige (ÖFOS)

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