Use Rexx and ooRexx from its Java-based Sibling NetRexx

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


NetRexx brings the easy Rexx syntax to the Java table: one can create programs using the well established Rexx principles, which are compiled to Java byte code. Because of the Rexx syntax principles, creating portable applications becomes considerably easier than in Java itself.

However, some features that have become known and valued in the Rexx and ooRexx world are missing from NetRexx: e.g. easy addressing of the environment, interpreted execution of Rexx and ooRexx code, taking advantage of functionality existing in form of Rexx and ooRexx programs.

This presentation introduces and demonstrates how one can execute Rexx and ooRexx programs directly from NetRexx. It will also demonstrate how NetRexx programmers can directly interact with ooRexx objects sending, ooRexx messages directly to ooRexx objects from NetRexx!
Zeitraum11 Dez. 201014 Dez. 2010
Ereignistitel2010 International Rexx Symposium
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