Who Takes Most Benefit from AEO Certification? An Austrian Perspective

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


In this paper, the TAXUD AEO Database was employed and supplemented with company data to make a census of AEO certifications per company size (in term of employees and revenue) and export/import quotas in the case of Austria 2008-2013 in order to find out who takes most benefit from AEO certification. Findings can be simply summarized as follows: The more export oriented a sector is, the more AEO certifications are granted within there. More specific, about 49% of all AEO certifications at Austria are granted to companies from the manufacturing industry, followed by about 29% to transport and logistics service providers and 18% to wholesale or retail companies - others like primary sector, energy provision and service industry are rather negligible. Having a closer look on the Austrian AEO certified companies, most of them from the manufacturing industry can be classified as SME in the EU-sense but are being heavily export-oriented at the same time and in need of an AEO certificate to smooth their export/import operations. Transport and logistics service providers do benefit from AEO certification, too, but are rather being pushed to do it by their customers.
Zeitraum21 Mai 201423 Mai 2014
EreignistitelInaugural INCU Global Conference 2014
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