Wine tastings as a genre in expert/non-expert communication: an empirical analysis (German - French - Italian - Spanish)

Aktivität: VortragWissenschaftlicher Vortrag (Science-to-Science)


We are presenting the genre of wine tasting as an example of expert/non-expert communication and of a type of speech closely related to action. Our study is based on a quadrilingual video corpus (German, French, Italian and Spanish) recorded for the EU project “VinoLingua”. The wine tastings we included in our corpus were mostly held by sommeliers on the one hand and by winegrowers on the other, both of them speaking to a non-expert public. These widely monological texts have a clear-cut structure, which may however vary according to the situation. This is reflected in a different order and importance of similar components, where the typical moves build up distinct patterns in the sommelier and in the winegrower variant. Tastings done by sommeliers have a different aim than tastings done by winegrowers in the course of a visit to the vineyard. The sommelier sells his competence and the area of wine as a very special domain the public might gain access to; the winegrower sells the wine (plus his own competence as the one who has made it) as a part of a whole setting (region, winery/family, vineyard, cellar), which the client will recall when he drinks the wine he has bought. Between the two, tastings done by viticulture college teachers or employees of wineries or wine cooperatives can be assigned to one of the two described types, depending on the presence or not of a commercial interest. The differences in the realization of the genre are related to a “producer stance” versus a “specialist stance”, leading to differences in structure – emphasis on the visit to the winery or on the organoleptic analysis – and in stylistics – from a very didactic approach with little specialized terminology and a lot of explanations, to an attitude where terminology is mainly used as a means to impress and to affirm one’s own competence.
Zeitraum26 Juli 201531 Juli 2015
Ereignistitel14th International Pragmatics Conference
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