This service contract with the European Commission aims to propose a policy framework for land use related climate mitigation for the European level. The Commission is committed to tackle the challenges of climate change while ensuring economic development and continued progress in well-being. Agricultural and forestry land use provides essential natural resources to society, but at the same time play a key role in both the emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) and removal of atmospheric carbon. Encompassing and coherent policy frameworks exist for energy and GHG emissions in the EU, but at present there is no corresponding overarching framework for EU policies for land use related climate mitigation to steer policy towards the climate targets. The main challenge is to reduce the GHG emissions and other negative environmental impacts of land use practices while maintaining (and even increasing) the socio-economic benefits.
This study assists the European Commission in understanding the impacts of different policy options on land use related climate mitigation and develops a policy framework suited to efficiently minimise land use related GHG emissions while maximising carbon removals.
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