De-Globalisierung und De-Internationalisierung



De-Globalisation and MNEs (Mohr, Puck, Hashai, Konara). In this project, we explore how multinational corporations (MNCs) are likely to respond to novel de-globalization pressures since the 2008 global financial crisis. We argue that the current wave of de-globalization is different from previous waves of de-globalization because (a) the environment in which today’s MNCs operate is different; (b) de-globalization pressures are no longer only national, but increasingly global; and (c) today’s MNCs differ from MNCs in previous periods. Specifically, we argue that MNCs’ exposure and response to de-globalization pressures will vary with the degree to which they have unbundled value adding activities and with their reliance on intangible vs. tangible assets, because these two factors drive MNCs’ scope and need for cross-border transfers of goods and services, as well as the risk of holding overseas assets.
Corporate Patriotism and nonmarket strategies (Mohr, Shirodkar, Konara, Batsakis, Puck, Lawton, Mendez-Fernandez, Schumacher). In this project, we develop and explore the concept of “corporate patriotism”. We embed the concept in the literature on non-market strategy, and theorize about its antecedents and outcomes. As part of the growing populist and nationalist rhetoric among politicians across the world, firms have increasingly been called on to act patriotically. So far, however, we do not understand what it means for a firm to act patriotically, what drives firms to do so, and what the outcomes of acting patriotically are. In a first project, we have drawn on resource-dependence logic to frame a firm’s use of patriotic rhetoric as a strategy for absorbing external resource constraints.
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