Die Lücke zwischen Finanzen und Nachhaltigkeit schließen: Ein neuartiger methodischer Rahmen für die Bewertung von Klimapolitiken



Österreichische Nationalbank


My habilitation project titled ‘’Closing the gap between finance and sustainability: a novel methodological framework for climate policies’ evaluation” aims to achieve two interconnected objectives:
1) To estimate the exposure of public and private financial institutions to climate risks, and their cascade effects on the real economy,
2) To assess the role of climate-aligned macroeconomic and monetary policies for fostering a shift of investments to low-carbon sectors while smoothing transition risks.
To achieve these objectives, the project proposes a novel methodological framework that contains the entire knowledge production cycle and thus represents an advance on the state of the art. The methodological framework exploits synergies across climate change economics, economic policy and financial risk analysis to provide actionable information to policy-makers. The two project objectives are achieved through the information developed by nine scientific articles, each related to one of the two Research Areas.
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