DYNAMIX - DYNAmic policy MIXes for absolute decoupling of environmental impact of EU resource use from economic growth

  • Berger, Gerald (Projektleitung)
  • Martinuzzi, Robert-Andre (Projektleitung)
  • Endl, Andreas (Forscher*in)
  • Lepuschitz, Katrin (Forscher*in)
  • Montevecchi, Francesca (Forscher*in)
  • Pisano, Umberto (Forscher*in)
  • Sedlacko, Michal (Forscher*in)



DYNAMIX aims to identify dynamic and robust policy mixes that can lead to decoupling the environmental impact of EU resource use from economic growth. The project will result in clear policy recommendations to provide EU and national policy-makers with tangible support towards implementing powerful resource efficiency policies. The work of DYNAMIX will thus support efforts to implement the European Resource Efficiency Flagship Initiative and its Roadmap at the EU- and Member State-level and support the work of the European Resource Efficiency Platform.


EU - Europäische Kommission
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/09/121/03/16


  • Wirtschaftsuniversität (Leitung)
  • BIO Intelligence Service S.A.S (Projektpartner*in)
  • Ecologic GmbH (Projektpartner*in)
  • FEEM - Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (Projektpartner*in)
  • Institute for European Environmental Policy (Projektpartner*in)
  • Institute for Structural Research (Projektpartner*in)
  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Projektpartner*in)
  • University of Westminster, Policy Studies Institute (Projektpartner*in)