EQUALdigitalent - Promotion of Gender Equality in Digital Entrepreneurship



Unfortunately, the disruptive power of new digital technologies appears to be limited to technology and business models and has not yet impacted the issue of gender diversity. Digital entrepreneurship and the media industry are faced by a stagnation of women in leadership positions and the continued depletion of female technology talent. For the digital economy to truly reach its potential, the gender imbalance must be confronted and addressed at all levels of the society. Higher Educational Programs are important social and economic change agents towards gender equality and diversity. The primary goal of the project is therefore to develop a master programme curriculum for digital entrepreneurship in application of innovative gender mainstreaming approaches. Taking into consideration findings from feminist (media) economics, entrepreneurship and information systems on the gendered structures of entrepreneurship and information systems, the project aims to contribute to the successful innovation and commercialization of digital goods and services and the creation of businesses that will enact gender equality at all levels of the society and the economy.

The main deliverables of the project comprise a fully gendered reference curriculum for digital entrepreneurship including didactical guidelines, physical and virtual course materials.


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