ESG risk management framework for the financial sector



European Commission


The overall objective of ESG-UPTAKE is to strengthen EU Member States NCAs’ capacity to monitor and address ESG risks in the financial sector. In particular, the project supports a selected group of NCAs in identifying, monitoring and assessing the impact of ESG risks on their respective supervised entities as well as on the entire financial sector, with a view to adopt appropriate supervisory responses and indirectly contribute to the achievement of the overarching EU and national goals in the area of sustainability. To this aim, ESG-UPTAKE enables the uptake and implementation of a risk-based supervisory approach to assess and mitigate ESG and climate risks, complemented by reporting systems, data and methodologies based on best practices. This, in turn, will foster NCAs’ ability to timely and appropriately manage ESG risks (including through ESG and climate stress-tests), to assess and oversee compliance with ESG and climate-related disclosure and reporting requirements, thus contributing to inform the adoption of appropriate supervisory responses. Moreover, ESG-UPTAKE aims to strengthen public and private awareness and literacy of the challenges of ESG risks and opportunities for capital allocation into sustainable activities, by supporting the development of crosssectoral capacity building exchanges among NCAs, and dissemination of best practices and lessons.
The ultimate goal of the project is strengthening NCAs’ ability to:
- implement the emerging EU sustainable finance regulatory framework;
- address ESG risks through appropriate methodological and analytical tools;
- guide supervised institutions and companies in setting up appropriate systems, processes, and controls to manage ESG and climate risks;
- raise awareness of public and private stakeholders, with a view to enhance public trust in, and promote the development of sustainable finance.
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