GLOBAL VALUE - Assessing the Impacts of Multinational Corporations on GLOBAL Development and VALUE Creation



EU - Europäische Kommission


The primary objective of the GLOBAL VALUE project is the development of an innovative framework for assessing impacts of Multinational Corporations on issues related to the Millennium Declaration, sustainable development, human rights, transparency, and anti-corruption.
The project will deliver a modular, user-friendly and customizable toolkit, including a web-based assessment platform, an indicator set, a user guide, and training materials. It will take into account the most relevant pathways of impact (through business operations, community investments, regional, supply chain and product related impacts) and link up with powerful management approaches (such as supply chain management, life cycle assessment and base of the pyramid innovation).
The toolkit will be tested in close collaboration with leading MNCs: BATA (garment, Bangladesh), OLAM (food, Tanzania) and NOKIA (ICT, India).
The project is carried out by leading researchers from Europe and ICPC countries and involves the UN Development Programme.
The Institute for Managing Sustainability is coordinator of this EU funded project.
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