INTER-ACT Interactive Consensus-based Development of a Copyright Model Act



Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung


Top Citizen Science - Sparkling Science expansion project. The aim of INTER-ACT is to develop an electronic interaction and discussion platform that serves as an experimental demonstrator for drafting and discussing concrete proposals for legal norms in an open, transparent, evidence-based and consensus-based process. Thereby, model regulatory proposals will be drafted in an open and dynamic process on the basis of participation of citizens of all stakeholder groups. As the model regulatory proposals will be reflected in an interactive and iterative process, they will not merely be the static end result of a one-time process, but will be dynamically adapted. Therefore, they will provide the legislator with a dynamic reference framework for creating modern copyright regulations on a broad social consensus.
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende1/02/1931/07/20


  • Wirtschaftsuniversität (Leitung)
  • Universität für Weiterbildung Krems (Donau-Universität Krems) (Projektpartner*in)