Kompetenzen für eine nachhaltige sozio-ökonomische Entwicklung





The proposed Knowledge Alliance (KA) aims at competencies needed for a sustainable socio-economic development and for sustainability driven enterprises.
The KA wants to change the EU landscape of HEIs towards a stronger accentuation on new inter- and transdisciplinary ways of teaching and learning, sustainable entrepreneurial education and increasing university – business cooperation in the context of a “green economy”.

For this the consortium will develop a framework for a new European “Joint Master Program of Sustainability Driven Entrepreneurship, Policies and Innovation” and related educational modules. Through regional pilots, the educational modules will be tested and improved at the universities of the KA. The pilots are structured as an inter-university course and include a strong accentuation related service learning projects with business partners.

An open access knowledge platform will provide the modules and shall enable European universities for the implementation of the Joint Master as well as it shall support related curricula building processes.
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