Linking transformative climate actions to the degrowth agenda



The collective, which is the main hub of information and communication in the degrowth community of activists and researcher, wants to more effectively contribute to social ecological transformation through its activities. has already begun to explore this topic in multiple ways in the last years. However, is keenly aware that acting effectively to contribute to an ambitious and complex goal like social ecological transformation is not easy, and requires scientific knowledge. Here is where the role of the WU, and specifically the MLGD enters, which has a proven track-record of providing actionable research to guide effective action towards social ecological transformation. Most relevant for was the recent SRE Discussion Paper focusing on transformative climate actions, which looked to be a promising framework to guide degrowth action. Through this cooperation, and researchers at the MLGD will endeavor to provide actionable research that helps to concretize TCAs with regards to the degrowth agenda, analyze the context that is embedded within and make scientifically-informed recommendations of how to best act in the here and now towards social ecological transformation. A further component of this cooperation will be a search for fitting further funding to extend this cooperation in the future, and if time allows, to write a further project funding application.
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