Share Vienna is a project focusing on collaborative economy, placed within the broader framework of transformation towards more sustainable consumption and production. Collaborative economy in Vienna is mainly visible in larger scale initiatives, e.g. car sharing (Car2Go), Zipcar), and bike sharing (Citybike Wien), leaving smaller scale initiatives unnoticed. Share Vienna starts with building a database of collaborative economy initiatives in the Austrian capital, and aims at reaching the following objectives: 1) building a local definition of what collaborative economy means in the context of Vienna, 2) increasing the visibility of collaborative economy and fostering the engagement of Viennese citizens in collaborative economic activities, 3) rendering ideas for translating the concept through online and offline channels, thus increasing the knowledge on sharing and non-ownership based fact of more sustainable consumption.
Share Vienna places collaborative economy on the intersection of smart economy and smart people. As such, it feeds into the need for less technological focus in smart city research. The project is realized in partnership with Umweltdachverband.
Tatsächlicher Beginn/ -es Ende30/09/1430/09/15